Mariah Carey : ridiculous pitching at Japanese baseball game

Remember when Lady B wanted to prove she was American and rocked up to a baseball game wearing silly shorts, ridiculous shoes and giant bug glasses?

Well now MiMi has done the same - only with far more tack than Posh managed when she first pioneered the 'hapless eye candy does huge sporting event' look.

MiMi was paid millions to hobble up to a baseball game in Tokyo on Friday, lob the first ball and promote her album E=MC2. She wore a Grease Lightning jacket, a pair of homemade jeans hotpants and a set of 10 inch Jonathan James's finest to complete the 'music diva who never left the early nineties' look. Awful in every way. On the plus side, the Japanese were said to have been impressed by MiMi's 'strong right arm.'

Check out photos - MiMi looking silly at the baseball...and then watch the video.

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