Marc Jacobs: the name in the frame?

If you're a fashion fanatic and a betting afficionado, you could do worse for a punt than put some money on Marc Jacobs becoming the next top designer at Dior. Vogue interviews some chic insiders, including Jacobs' best friend who are all convinced that their man is a shoe-in to take over from Galliano. Galliano was sacked after being arrested for anti-Semitic behaviour in April.

Marc's close friend and business partner told Vogue that despite being well-known for his modesty, the designer is also capable of highly diva-ish acts, 'Marc is famous for deciding things two weeks before the show, like, 'Oh my God, I want Stephen Jones to make polka-dot hats.' He expects the impossible from every single person. He expects everybody to just get with the program and get it done.'

Recent rumours that Marc was the favourite to take over from Galliano as the creative director of the firm, were stoked by stories that the designer had met with Dior and LV owner Bernard Artault. An insider revealed, 'The two have met often in recent weeks to discuss the matter. Jacobs, the current creative director of Louis Vuitton, renewed his contract with LVMH in January - and it is possible for him to continue in his current position even if he takes over Dior. More likely, however, is that he'll end up choosing between one of two. Arnault would prefer him to go to Dior - as the billionaire sees it; Jacobs' image will only be good for the fashion house, which was considerably shaken by the Galliano scandal.'

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