Manicure and pedicure facts

We've never witnessed before such a variety of ways of decorating hand and toe nails. It is really a must at the moment to have your manicure and pedicure done to the latest fashion, but is it always harmeless? Let's look at some manicure and pedicure facts, rather than myths.

Is beautiful always healthy?

Our nails are made of keratin, a very tough protein that is also presentin our hair. They are not, as it is often assumed, impermeable. Just like our skin and hair, our nails are permeable to anything we apply on them, and they need to be hydrated to be healthy. Nails can also be affected by diseases: most commonly fungi, staph bacteria or viruses.

Artificial nails can trap moisture creating a warm and damp environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive. The strong chemicals used to remove them can harm the nail, drying it out. The removal itself is also a quite traumatic process for the nail plate, which could start getting more and more brittle. If you want your nails to stay healthy, give them a good brake between application of artificial nails. Wait for them to recover, give them the chance to breath and get stronger before applying again. You may wish to pamper them with natural oils and creams masks at night time. Simply few drops of Olive oil, well massaged into the nails and cuticules, before applying your favourite cream at bed time. Better results when using cotton gloves to keep the mask on all night. For particularly dry skin and nails, why not try Avocado oil or Sweet Almond oil, both very rich oils containing all the essential vitamins, fats, protein and minerals your nails need.

Hardeners in polishes contain ingredients that only apparentely strengthen the nails. In fact, they tend to make them stiffen, which will reduce the possibility of splitting, but on the other side it makes them less flexible, and more likely to break in case of trauma. Nails can be made stronger through our diet, making sure we eat a variety of foods including seafood, nuts and our five-a-day. In case of extra nutriments needed, there are some over-the-counter vitamins and mineral complex specifically designed for the health and beauty of nails, hair and skin. They normally contain the good fats omega 3 and omega 6. And, of course, don't forget to pamper your a hand and toe nails with creams and oils as above. A good treat like this immediately leaves your nails stronger and more shiny, but remember that, as with any natural remedy, you have to be costant to see the results.

Cuticles are normally removed or pushed down during a manicure and pedicure. While snipping or gel removing is never a good idea, dermatologists also advice against them being pushed back. In fact, cuticles act like a barrier protecting the root of the nail, or matrix, and the delicate skin fold aroud it. When pushing these barriers back, we are making way to anything from drying, harming chemicals to bacteria. Remeber that our hands and feet are the parts of our bodies most exposed to household cleaning products and dirty or contaminated surfaces.

Other manicure and pedicure facts include the hygiene of beauty and nail salons. More and more people prefer to purchace their own manicure and pedicure tools and bring them with them when they go to a salon. if you think that is extreme, then just make sure that the environment looks clean, double check if the tecnicians wear gloves and/or wash their hands between customers, if the foot baths are throughly disinfected before treatment, the tool are sterilized or, if disposable, opened in front of you. If in any doubt, don't esitate to ask, it is your health that matters after all.

Beauty from within

While a visit to the beauty salon only rarely ends up in infections or desease, that is always a possibility. As with everything in our bodies, real beauty comes from good health, so don't forget to look after your nails as part of your body, not only as ornaments. They will be very grateful for that, and your overall health may benefit from it. Knowing some basic manicure and pedicure facts can enhance our experience at the beauty salon or make sure we perform good, healthy manicure and pedicure ourselves.

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