Male waxing - why and how

It's official: British women like hairy guys. Research has recently shown that women in the UK find hairy men more attractive than women in other parts of Europe do. But this does depend on where the hair is... Here we look at male waxing – why and how.

76% of British women prefer men with a hairy chest and 85% of women got excited when they saw the tiger line - so men, don’t wax your chest.

94% of women said they would find it odd if a man didn’t have hair under their armpits. That's not to say that women find armpit hair a huge turn on, but if she sees you without it she might think you’re a little odd. Arm and leg hair is also acceptable to women.

Women expect men to keep pubic hair neat and tidy. 88% of women agreed to this and 6% said they would enjoy taking care of their man's area themselves.

75% of women said they didn’t like hairy butts and 93% said they didn’t like back hair.

According to this survey, chest hair is good, arm and leg hair is acceptable and removing arm pit hair is a bit weird. Taking care of your pubic hair is a must do and the majority of women don’t like back or butt hair.

So guys, it is probably best to remove back and butt hair by waxing. This isn’t something you could easily do at home and it probably isn’t a good idea to ask your partner to do it either.

Going to a salon can be embarrassing for a guy, but the results will be worth it. Think: if you are at the beach with a hairy back, 75% of women will find it a turn off, so that visit to the salon might go in your favour!

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