Male waxing: where, what and how

Waxing is rapidly growing in popularity among men. It used to be that only male body builders and athletes underwent waxing to get rid of unwanted body hair, but this is not the case anymore. More and more men from all walks of life are seeing the need to wax, either to please their partners of for themselves. Men who wax boast that the treatment is nothing like shaving. Once you wax, you can never back track. Let’s examine male waxing: Where, what and how so you know what to expect.

What is male waxing?

Male waxing is a semi-permanent method of male hair removal from the root, predominantly male pubic hair. Waxed hair grows back within two to eight weeks.

Where is it done?

Male waxing can be done on the shaft, crack, sac or butt, depending on what hair you want removed. Men tend to grow more hair as they get older and other parts of the body like top of shoulders, back and chest may also require waxing.

Brazilian waxing involves removal of hair predominantly from the scrotum, shaft and pubes. Hollywood waxing involves complete removal of all pubic hair, including hair from the shaft and crack. Back, sac and crack waxing, also known as BSC, is what most men go for.

How is done?

A typical waxing treatment starts with a consultation session that gives you the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about the treatment and your therapist. Your therapist also gets the opportunity to ask basic health questions to make sure it is safe to proceed.

Once the formalities are done, it is time to get things done. A thin layer of crème wax is usually applied on your skin to cleans and protect it from bruising. One of several methods is used to complete this task, including the use of roll on, plastic applicator and the traditional spatula.

A paper or fabric strip is then placed against the waxed area, pressed in and quickly pulled out against the direction of hair growth to remove hair from its root. This process is repeated over the whole target region to completely remove hair from its follicle.

Aftercare lotion is applied once hair from the targeted area has been removed to soothe the skin. Wax is usually pulled off without the need for a paper strip when Brazilian wax is used.

Note: Waxing generally hurts. However, waxing therapists are professionals and they will help to manage the pain and ensure there is no bruising. Several high tech waxing treatments that are less painful, however, are also available.

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