Male brush in colour gels to beat grey - best of the lot

Now, men can age too, gracefully and beautifully, with innovative male brush in colour gels to beat grey - the best of these products are available at your nearest pharmacy or stockist.

One such product is Paris Excell Brush in Hair Colour, available in different shades. Consumer reviews have been positive with users reporting a good coverage of grey hair that lasts for weeks. And the best part is, these gels are affordable and easy to use.

Just for Men is another great and easy product to change the colour of salt and pepper hair. It comes with an applicator that is used to touch up sideburns, moustaches, beards, and brows. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes including rinsing and drying.

The colour of these products is very similar to the natural hue of facial hair. Thus, there is no obvious sign that facial hair colour has been changed at all. Providing the best coverage that usually lasts for 6 weeks, men don't have to worry about greying hair anymore. It's a convenient product that they can apply anywhere, anytime with minimum fuss.

Good grooming has never been simple with these innovative products that make men look great, even at their age. Because the colour gel blends beautifully with the natural hair, it's like having a makeover with the least cost and time.

The only caveat is that each time the product is used, it has to be tested for side effects as the skin reacts differently at certain periods even if it has been tried already.

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