Makeup trends at the New York Fashion Week

New York’s Fashion Week has allowed us to see what the new makeup trends will be for the 2014 Spring and Summer seasons.

At first glance there doesn’t seem anything really new, the nude makeup look continues to dominate, while lips are often stained with flou or dark berry lipsticks, and bright nail polishes, but looking more carefully you can always see some different ideas to experiment with.

As we said, face makeup still remain natural and rather neutral, taken from tones of the earth, and the color palette is saved for the eyes, lips and nails.

Suno, Lacoste and Mara Hoffman chose make up artists Alice Lane and Mayia Alleaume from Maybelline New York, while Jonathan Simkhai and Rag & Bone, put themselves into the hands of Gucci Westman, Revlon’s artistic director. Michael Kors chose Dick Page,

While designers decide what we are going to be wearing next Spring and Summer, it’s the makeup artistwho decides the new makeup trends, like floating liners - colored liners striped across brow bones – that showed up on Michael Kors runway models.

Dramatic and graphic eyeliners ruled for Mark And Estel, a look to be used for an evening out, while che Tommy Hilfiger, Vera Wang and Oscar de la Renta had their models with neutral and clean faces and very little color, and while it seems simple, it is based on great skin care and it is a look that takes you from morning to evening.

Lips were highlighted for Helmut Lang and Nicole Miller, that proposed dark lipsticks. The first, for women who play with their sensuality and androgynous looks to entice, while the second is indicated for those who like to be dark ladies.

For Rag & Bone, bright orange lipstick dominated for a pop look that doesn’t remain unnoticed.

Donna Karan, Anna Sui and Marc Jacobs runways saw a more pronounced eye makeup look, while Francois Narsfor Jacobs went with cat eyes underlined by a rich blue eyeliner.

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