Practical makeup tips to look older or younger

Make up is a lot of fun in many ways. It makes us feel pampered when we dab powder on our faces or put on a favourite shade of lipstick. Makeup also changes the way we look both for better or worse. The wonderful thing about cosmetics is you can change appearances in a matter of minutes. It is pretty much like a magic wand changing looks and style with a few strokes. Here are easy makeup tips to look older or younger.

Look young

Nearly everyone wants to look younger especially those who are leaning towards old age. In such cases, makeup can help camouflage or mask those imperfections and wrinkles that appear on the face. Here are some basic makeup tips to look older or younger:

  • Use a primer or moisturiser before putting on foundation

As we age, the skin is less supple and tends to dry out. This is why you need to hydrate and keep your skin moist by using creams and moisturisers during the night and even day. Should you decide to put on a foundation, don’t forget to put on a base primer or apply a thin layer of daytime moisturiser so your facial complexion does not appear dry and cracked. In addition, makeup will last longer if there is a primer underneath.

  • Pick the right concealer

Choose a liquid concealer to hide those circles under the eyes, camouflage redness and puffiness as well as mask wrinkles and crow’s feet. Look for liquid concealers that are easy to use and won’t appear cakey. Hide imperfections and get a luminous skin.

  • Use a yellow foundation

Some beauty experts say that yellow warms up the skin contributing to a younger-looking epidermis. Hence, when it’s time to choose the tone of your foundation, use a yellowish hue as opposed to bright red or an orangey shade to give skin a fresh look.

The mature look

Our makeup tips to look older or younger can work for those who want to achieve a mature appearance, as follows:

  • Play with your eyes by picking out a smokey look. Use browns and greys and avoid heavy colours such as blues and purples.
  • Put on a light mascara to complete the look.
  • When it comes to the lips, put on a shade that is close to your natural skin colour. For example, if you are fair, go for a peach or neutral shade. For tanned skins, red looks great.

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