Makeup tips for the beach

With the hot sun and the humid weather that you can experience on the beach, wearing makeup seems like a no-brainer, but it actually isn't.

You’re on vacation, you want to relax and lighten up, and avoid the usual makeup routine, and finally bare your faceprotected with moisturizers and suntan lotions so you can soak up the rays and keep your full makeup for your evenings out.

However, some women can’t face sitting on a beach without any makeup, so if you are one of those ladies, here are some tips for wearing makeup on the beach.

Use the minimum - less is best - and make sure that it is all waterproof, and use a silicon based, oil free primer so your makeup won’t slide off during the long day in the heat.

Apply your usual moisturizer and then a sun tan lotion with a SPF of 20 or more, depending on your skin type – and here’s a personal suggestion put a little also on your ears, because if you wear your hair up, and don't cover it with a hat or scarf, even your ears can get sunburned – it happened to yours truly, and it was a very painful experience.

Then apply the primer that will lock in the makeup you are going to be wearing – apply also to the eyelids and lips.

If you don’t to want show up with a completely pale face you can use some very light foundation that gives your skin just a hint a color or better yet a tinted moisturizer with SPF that evens out your skin tone, which you can than forget once your face starts to pick up a tan, and then just use a normal moisturizer.

Avoid powders, they cake and crack, and this also goes for eye shadow, so you’ll want to use light cream formulas and choose light colors, save the bright or darks ones for the evening.

If you can’t give up your eyeliner and mascara, use waterproof and silicon based formulas, and the same goes for your lipstick.

Now you can go out in the sun for some fun, looking great.

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