The best beauty and makeup games

Makeup games are fun. You can pretend to be a star or a regular girl by creating the effect you want from a fresh spring style to a glamorous look. You can change hairdos, makeup, fashion styles or do a complete makeover. We tell you where you can play these entertaining and educational games.

Cool sites

Interactive makeup games are free and you don't need special accessories and programmes to make them work. Check out the following sites and see what they offer:

  • Girls go Games (girslgogames.com)

Some of the games available on this site are: Play the Wedding Dressup, Fabulous Fashion Dress Up, Perfect Manicure, Paws to Beauty, Shopaholic Models, and Party Dressup. Equally, try the Shoes Quiz to see how you fare. The Perfect Manicure game is pretty straightforward. It asks 10 questions: where you would like to live, what kind of house you like, favourite colour, style, place to go on holiday, perfect present, favourite flowers, and favourite activity during free time. It then tells you your personality style.

  • A Game (agame.com)

Play the Celebrity Makeover Twilight, Beckham Makeover and the Valentine Dress Party. You can also try the Shoe Quiz, Outfits Today and Jewel Jive for a bit of fun.

  • Wambie (wambie.com)

Wambie has many games to offer. Enjoy the Teen Makeover and Taylor’s Spa. Pretend you’re a teenager who wants to become a star. Prep and groom yourself up with a spa treatment and enhance natural beauty worthy of a star. After a glorious spa treatment, check out the database of makeup games and try different looks from the Glam Diva Makeup, Delicate Lady Makeover, Pretty Secretary Makeover, Sweet Summer Look Makeover, Celebrity Party Makeover and many more.


Makeup games are not only fun but also instructional. They are interactive games where you can simulate what needs to be done before putting on makeup such as scrubbing, exfoliation and cleansing. Remove unwanted hair around the eyebrows and cover up zits on the face. Other makeup games include preparing the hair or changing styles. Condition, shampoo, rinse, highlight and colour hair to get the effect you want. These games are not only meant to tap your creativity, but also remind you that even virtual characters need a beauty regimen for a gorgeous look.

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