MakeUp ForEver: professional and high definition cosmetics

Painter and sculptor Dany Sanz had a great idea when she founded MakeUp ForEver in 1984. Designed to meet the needs of professional makeup artists, the brand presents a delightful range of colours, textures and products allowing individuals to express their personal styles. Create a unique or dramatic look with products from Makeup Forever.

A great selection of products

MakeUp ForEver is the brand to use when thinking of cosmetics that give a professional and flawless finish.

  • Prepare the skin

When it comes to primers, concealers, liquid foundation, compact foundation, compact powder, loose powder, luminizers, and sealer you’ll find the range of skin products from MakeUp ForEver exciting. Treat yourself to HD Elixir, D Primer, All Mat and UV Prime to prep up the complexion. Enjoy the brand's compact foundation such as Duo Mat and White Definition.

  • Colour cheeks

Blush gives colour and glow to the face. Try Aqua Cream, HD Blush and Sculpting Blush for a radiant effect.

  • Enhance eyes

Take your pick from a wonderful range of eye shadow and eye liner. You can also get refill eye shadow for savings. To give your look a different touch, experiment with false eyelashes for a gorgeous effect. There are nude false eyelashes, fashion and artistic eyelashes as well as glue, mascara and sealer from the brand.

  • Use lipsticks

Play with different colours whether you are going for a simple look or a stunning effect using various shades of lipstick, lip liner, palette and gloss.

  • Cleansers for a healthy and glowing complexion

Remove makeup and take care of your skin with the choice of cleansers available from Makeup Forever. Try Cool Lotion, Extreme Cleanser, Gentle Milk, Pure Water and Sens’Eyes for a clean and healthy skin.

  • Experiment with different colours and textures

Make up and professional artists will love the choice of special effects available from Makeup Forever from Pasty Products and Dust Powder & Grease to Artificial Blood and Skin Effect. The brand has also adhesives, cleaners, oil and enamel to help in creating a special look whether it's dressing up for Halloween or playing a role in a theatre performance.

The HD look

Best of all, MakeUp ForEver offers innovative formulas to create a look that is invisible and natural looking. For instance, the HD Elixir is a serum that provides instant and long lasting hydration preparing the skin for makeup and at the same time hydrating and moisturising complexions. For €29.90, enjoy +520% constant hydration after 15 minutes. Use with the HD Concealer, HD Foundation, and HD Primer for that perfect look. Whether you are a fashion expert, showbiz professional or just someone who enjoys high quality cosmetics, Makeup Forever presents a wide range of choices for any look you desire.

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