How to put the right makeup for school

Make up is something nearly all females love from the young to the not so young. It changes a look and improves appearances. For young girls, there are many reasons why they start using cosmetics from experimenting with colours and textures to hiding flaws and enhancing features. But what is the right makeup for school? How can you tell if you're wearing too much or something inappropriate?


Short of telling your teenagers they can’t put makeup at all, maybe you should start advising or showing them how to put the right makeup for school.

  • Steps

1. Clean the face before putting makeup on. It's not only healthier, but also easier to put cosmetics on a clean surface.

2. Apply a light foundation using a sponge or an applicator. Make sure to stay as close as possible to the tone of the skin. If you're hiding acne and blemishes, use a concealer.

3. Mascara is great for enhancing the eyes, but don’t overdo it. A single coating is sufficient for school. Subtle eyeliner is also acceptable. If doing physical activities, less or none is better. Sweating and exerting efforts can cause makeup to run or cake in general, but it is even worse for mascara.

4. Use gentle tones of eyeshadow such beige, browns, and blacks. It is a school and you’re not going to a party. The same goes for glitter on the face.

5. Put on a light colour of lipstick such as nude or light pink. Gloss is even better and subtler since the key here is to look as natural as possible. Red or black lipstick is not really advisable.

6. For finishing touches, apply light powder or leave it au naturel.

7. It is just as important to clean the face after the day is over or before going to bed. Apply a light moisturiser suitable for skin type. Control oily skin with cleanser pads so zits will not break out.

Valuable tips

If your teenager's reason for wearing make up is to cover spots and horrible acne, consult a doctor because there might be a medical problem. In addition, be sure makeup used for school has not expired for this might be contributing to skin problems. Even if you don't approve of makeup for school, be sure your teenies are using the right types of cosmetics especially if they have hyper-sensitive skins.

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