Beautiful makeup brush sets for Christmas

Putting on makeup this holiday season is part of the festivities to brighten up the occasion and feel good about you. Join in the fun and buy makeup brushes set this Christmas. The set contains different sizes and types of brushes for the eyes, face and brows. If you are looking for a great gift, find out the best deals that exist in stores.

Where to snag great gifts

Here are some places where you can get great value makeup brushes set for Christmas:

  • Boots

Boots carries a fine selection of makeup brushes at affordable prices. Take the Real Techniques Core Collection 1403 or 1406 by Samantha Chapman selling for £21.99. These kits contain detailer brush, foundation, buffing and contour brush. They are held in a case and stand. Both items are currently out of stock but you might be able to snag a few in other stores.

The Dior Backstage Makeup Brush Kit that sells for £75.50 is not also shabby albeit at a higher price. It contains 5 essential brushes for the face, cheeks, eye, eyeliner and lip brushes. It also comes with a Dior makeup bag.

If you are on a tight budget, you can opt for the Boots Essentials Cosmetic Brushes 3 Pack for £4 or the Models Own 5 piece Brush Set for £10. Try the EcoTools Bamboo 6 Piece Eye Brush Set for £14.99 or the Too Faced Teddy Bear Hairproof Brush.

  • Amazon

We all know how wonderful this marketplace is because it stocks nearly everything. If you’re looking for a good value item, consider the B18 Glow 18 Piece Make up Brush Set. Users were happy with this set considering the price is only at £5.99. You’ll get brushes for the eyes and lips. Another great set is the Blush Professional 7 Piece Makeup Brush Set selling for £8.99 containing a blusher, comb, eyeshadow applicator, lip brush and eye brush. Check out the Real Techniques Starter Kit selling for £15.74.

Other places

Makeup brushes set for Christmas can also be snagged at several well-known department stores. Try the House of Fraser, Debenhams, Harrods, The Body Shop and Argos. You will find a tempting selection of luxury and premium brands that will satisfy your needs. Test brushes from Laura Mercier, Bobbi Brown, Michael Kors and Clarins. Although they are bit pricey, you will probably get the best quality. For example a face brush from She Uemura will set you back £42 while an angled eyeliner brush from Nars Cosmetics will cost £22. A bronze powder brush from Michael Kors will cost you a whooping £36.

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