Make up tips for bold and beautiful short hair

You’ve decided to get over the winter blues with a new trendy super short haircut or if you’ve even gone for that daring and bold buzz cut that Jessie J is now wearing after shaving her hair for Comic Relief, but you’ll now need to change your makeup so your face will also be highlighted by your new and dramatic hairstyle.

Whether you want to go for a sporty comfortable lookfor the day or for a very chic makeup job for a special night out , we’ve got some pretty basic makeup tips that you can follow so you can show off your bold cut with flawless skin, bright eyes, which includes perfect eyebrows, and cheekbones that will stand out even more now that your cut reveals all.

First off, cleanse your face with a toner before applying makeup, which besides balancing your skin also soothes it, especially if you’re going for the fresh, natural look, sans foundation and blush, which is very big this upcoming spring and summer, but if you use foundation, it will make your makeup last longer or even a tinted moisturizer could be a good idea as it gives you a little color after a long grey winter.

The eyes need to stand out even if you’re going down the natural route, they need to say look-at-me, so most of the focus should go on them. Eyebrows have to be groomed to death and if you have any gaps, fill in the areas with an eyebrow pencil or shadowwhich needs to be a shade or two lighter to better define the arch.

Eye shadow, bright colors are so in this spring and summer, and we’ve seen strong striking colors from turquoise to mint green, fuchsia and even orange, but if they are too much for a statement, then there are entire palettes of pearly colors that are perfect for daywear and also enhance your eye color.

Apparently less mascara is a trend this season, but you can keep using it, if you use your wand just define and separate, rather than thicken your lashes. Apply it just to the end of the lashes and then finish off with a subtle eyeliner, and if you’re feeling bold apply it both on the upper and lower eyelid or keeping it simple, just on the lower one to add some femininity. If you’ve concentrated your look on your eyes, keep the color to your lips to a minimum, nude and glossy and save those brights reds to flaunt in the evening along with big smoky eyes.

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