Make up tips for men

Make up for men was virtually unheard of in the last decade with the stigma attached that it diminished the masculinity of the male population. Lately, when you visit the cosmetics counter it's surprising to see entire shelves devoted to make up for men.

From moisturisers and concealers to foundation and powder, there is something too for the testosterone fuelled segment of the population. It's not only women who are wearing make up. Men are doing it, too. This new breed of men who are conscious of their looks are part of the growing number of consumers who apply cosmetics to improve their looks, hide flaws and get an all round healthy glow.

What make up for men can do

  • Moisturiers are the most common beauty products used by men to nourish the skin and replenish moisture loss. A moisturising cream or balm can do wonders to prime the skin and rejuvenate it.
  • Foundation works the same way in men as in women. It gives an even complexion, hides scars brought by acne and spots due to aging. It also hides those razor bumps from shaving or the dark circles from lack of sleep.
  • Foundation make up projects a flawless complexion and can be used on special occasions such as an important cocktail party, wedding day, or a photography session with the family. Mineral-based foundations give facial skin that even perfect look.
  • Find a shade that is the same colour as your skin to make it is natural looking.
  • For the man, who just wants to mask little imperfections on the face, using stick concealers is the quick and easy way.
  • Swipe those zits, eye bags, and razor nicks using a few strokes with a handy concealer.
  • Using a brow gel helps shape those straying eyebrows giving them a neater look. A dab of the gel is enough to put those hairs in place and will make your face look cleaner.
  • A mattifying lotion helps control those shiny areas on the face such as the nose and forehead.You can even use pore minimisers and mattifiers for those big pores giving the skin a better sheer.
  • Lastly, men have the option of creating a rugged, manly look by using a bear "shader" giving the face a shadowy look with the hint of a morning stubble. This is a product of Best5ive.

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