Blending make-up with your eye colour

Putting on make-up that matches eye colour can be a bit tricky as there are many possible combinations. However, with a few simple rules, you will soon turn into a pro when it comes to choosing cosmetics that go well with the hue of your eyes making them your most attractive feature.

Check your eye colour

We all have different eye colours from blues and greens to greys and browns. Within each eye colour, there is even a variation. For example, your eyes can be blue, but they change colour depending on your mood.

Or, there are other specks of colour in the eyes which are difficult to coordinate. Nonetheless, there is a simple guide to use so that eye make-up won’t clash with eye colour. Hence, it is important to know the colour of your eyes. If they change so often, pick out the prominent hue to make it easy when choosing cosmetics.

Use a colour chart

Like matching outfits with the right colours, eye make up is the same. For example, blue eyes go best with browns or taupe while grey with charcoal or smokey colours. Brown-eyed people can practically use any pigment without appearing garish.

Get the right eye make-up

Another simple way to match your make-up correctly with eye colour is to look at the make-up combinations. Most cosmetics manufacturers have a chart available at counters that customers can easily use. In addition, eye make-up is sold as a combination for the best effect. If you are buying a make-up duo, you’ll see that there is already a mix and match. Of course, you can experiment with various combinations by buying a single eyeshadow.

Knowing the eye make-up contour

It’s not only important to make the right combination when it comes to matching your make-up with your eye colour. Knowing how to apply the make-up correctly is essential for a striking effect. Take note of the inner corner, the eyelid, the crease and the brow bone to blend the cosmetics effectively.

Moreover, consider the tone of your skin and even the outfits and accessories you are going to use for harmony, At the end of the day, it all boils down to finding the right recipe that works for you to have that magical effect when it comes to eye cosmetics and style.

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