Make toning and firming part of your skincare routine - here's why

If you're wondering why you should make toning and firming part of your skincare routine - here's why. The skin sags and loses its elasticity due to several reasons. Some of these factors are sudden weight gain or loss, pregnancy, and aging. The good news is, we can do something about it, getting the skin back to shape and reduce sagging.

Taking care of the skin well is the best method to prevent it from losing its firmness. Exercise is obviously a good way of getting flabby skins firmed and toned up. It builds and strengthens muscles making the skin tight.

Nutrition also plays an important role because what we eat and drink show on the skin, nails, face, and hair. Hydrating from inside out is vital to keep the skin look healthy and rejuvenated. Hence, drinking plenty of fluids and reaching for that jar of moisturiser should be a regular habit to prevent dryness.

An effective skin care regime should also include exfoliation from using facial scrubs to body scrubs. Exfoliation gets rid of dead skins cells for better looking facial and body skin. Using toners after cleansing and scrubs not only gives a refreshing sensation, but also removes impurities on the skin.

Lifestyle has an impact, too on the way the skin looks. If you are smoking, you are exposing your skin to the thousands of toxic substances hastening the aging process. Drinking excessive alcohol also dries up the skin and could exacerbate existing skin conditions such as rosacea and psoriasis. Following these simple toning and firming methods can go a long way for that supple and young-looking skin you have always wanted.

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