Magnetic knickers!

Lingerie is big business these days, with manufacturers always keen to come up with the next big thing. Well today it seems that battle has been (temporarily) won by French company Lingerie Dement, which has come up with a new line of very erotic lingerie that fastens with magnets!

The label’s website describes the new range as ‘romantic and naughty’ and, we’re inclined to agree. The magnets are hidden behind bows and allow the wearer (or someone else) to unlock them at a mere flick – much faster than the traditional hook and eye.

The lingerie ranges from about £45 to £130 and is available online from French site jollia.fr, and at some boutiques in Paris. Stylist Sam Saboura tells the New York Daily News: ‘It brings a little bit of theatrics into the bedroom. There's kind of a fun quality to undressing someone in an intimate way, and this would give that tear-away effect’.

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