A guide to the magic hair clip

What is the magic hair clip?

You can find the magic hair clip in different variations in the market but why call it magic? These clips are usually simplistically designed and yet, they can achieve less than simple hairstyles. That is why they seem like magic. The magic hair clip is usually made of plastic and has a long shape.

Who can use the magic hair clip?

Anyone with reasonably long hair; typically at least shoulder length. It is like setting the hair up in a bun, only fancier and without the bun net. However, this is only one version of using the magic hair clip.

How to learn to use it?

Most people don't know how to use the magic hair clip although the accessory looks simple enough. If you are buying it from the hair shop, the shop assistant should be able to demonstrate it to you. Otherwise, check the web for video tutorials or text tutorials with pictures.

Where to buy the magic hair clip?

You may not be able to find the magic hair clip at a general store but you should be able to get it in a hair accessory shop. The good news is that it is inexpensively priced. In fact, you may be able to find it at the thrift store at a very low price. It may not be feasible to order a single item like this online unless you are also buying other hair accessories. This is because you will need to pay for shipping.

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