Mad for it

The fashion crowd's favourite show, Mad Men, has finally teamed up with a retailer to give us plebs a taste of 60s chic. Now we can all dress up like the amoral alcoholic characters from the show. Yippee! Mad Men's costume designer Jane Bryant worked with Banana Republic to create a collection of beautifully tailored suits and cocktail dresses, which is likely to sell out in about, ooh, 17 seconds.

Banana Republic creative director Simon Keen told Vogue, 'I love the Mad Men aesthetic - and what's not to love about beautiful, dressed‐up tailoring? I was also very inspired by the time period the series embodied, the whole Sixties era in America. The idea of such strong characters reflected in strong dressing is powerful, whether that is a slim-cut suit and fedora hat for him, or a perfectly fitted pencil skirt and silk blouse for her. I'm drawn to the playful and sexy nature of the time as well. Women were just beginning to find themselves in the workplace. I wanted to reflect that empowerment but also push the femininity with a few fun, sexy touches - leopard print heels, silk print scarves, and a leopard print trench coat.'

'From our first meeting, Simon and I had a great creative connection. We have similar design philosophies regarding the collection and were able to share our inspirations to create pieces we both love. I like that we can now share some of our favourite pieces and inspirations from the show with our audience in a modern, cool way.'

The collection will be available online and in Banana Republic from the 25th August.

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