How to do a low knotted Spanish chignon

A chignon is simply a knot or coil made by twisting the hair into a ball and tucking it in. It looks stylish, elegant and requires little time to do. A variation of the classic chignon is the low knotted Spanish chignon. Often used by flamenco dancers in Spain, this kind of hairstyle is catching on because it is easy to do and looks sophisticated.


  • What you will need

Rat tail Comb or paddle brush

Styling gel


Ponytail holder

1. Wash and dry hair with a towel. Part your hair in the middle using the end of a comb. You can also use a side parting if you think the middle one will look awful on you.

2. If you have curly or wavy hair, try to make it as straight as possible using a flat iron as it is easier to work on a surface like this.

3. Use a shine serum or gel all over the hair. Comb smoothly until hair is rigid and falls down.

4. Pull the hair snugly over the ears. You can also pull hair to one side for an asymmetrical or uneven look. But if you want to achieve a classic low knotted Spanish chignon, you can make a ponytail at the centre.

5. Tie your hair into a ponytail as low as possible. Loop hair from the ponytail and secure it with pins. Make a low knot (nape or neck level is desirable).

6. Use extra gel if tendrils or wisps of hair escape for a smooth chignon. Secure the knot with clips under. Spritz with hairspray so updo will last longer. Don’t be afraid to spray liberally so the hair will hold especially if you’re going to do strenuous activities such as flamenco dancing.

A low knotted Spanish chignon is one of the easiest hairstyles you can do yourself or with the help of someone. It’s a classic yet timeless look that’s useful for many occasions whether you’re going to a formal event or simply cooling off from warm weather. No hair is out of place which makes it ideal even for everyday wear.

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