'Love in Taormina' D&G makeup collection

“For me, beauty is about showing your natural allure, and accentuating it; every element adds another layer of femininity,” says Monica Bellucci.

Even if Bellucci isn’t Sicilian born, she is once again the muse for Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, and the face for their 'Love in Taormina' make up collection ad campaign.

After the limited edition True Monica dedicated to the steamy Mediterranean looks of the Italian actress, the Love in Taormina collection expresses all the beauty and colors that are in a hot Sicilian summer.

The inspiration for the colors in the collection comes directly from the flowers that bloom in the ancient city of Taormina in Sicily, hence the name: Love in Taormina.

“Taormina’s stunning panorama is lit up with marvellous colours and flowers, it is impossible not to be drawn to its sun and vibrant energy,” said Dolce and Gabbana.

Heart of the collection is the new nail care line, that features a High Shine Nail Coat, a Matte Nail Coat, and Protective Base Nail Coat with five shades that are named after Italian flowers:

Oleandro (a soft, pearlescent pink), Ibisco (a dark pink with coral undertones), Camelia (a fluorescent coral), Bouganville (a rich fuchsia with a touch of purple), Iris (a deep violet), together with a duo of colors, True White, a pearlescent white and Fire, a vibrant orange red.

Dolce&Gabbana Make Up Creative Advisor Pat McGrath shared her favorite way to wear the nail polish collection: “I like to use colors that really pop for maximum impact, such as Iris on the base of the nail and then the tip in Ibisco. Then, play with texture by applying first the matte top coat and then the high shine top coat on the fuchsia tip."

There collection also contains three shades of lipsticks: Velvet is a cool rose pink pearl, Cosmopolitan is a matte coral, while Violet is a deep violet.

The eye shadows are called Quad in Amore, and the blushes are Sole, an orange red, Apricot, an orange brown and Mocha, which is a pink brown.

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