London beauty salon launches first in-store DNA skin test

Have you ever bought a beauty product, just because you've seen the wonderful results on your best friend, just to find out it doesn't do anything for your skin? We've all been there, finding the perfect lotion for our personal needs seems not possible, or is it? A new scientific research conducted by a bio-medical engineering professor has discovered a breakthrough technology to match the right beauty product to our own DNA, in order to work efficiently.

Professor Christofer Toumazou has developed geneOnyx, a test that determines which product is suitable to the unique genetic blueprint of each person. He said: “The test is very fast and simple and it has the ability to really personalise medical care because it will identify each person’s genetic mutations and work out which drugs and treatments are best for you.” The same technology has been licensed and patented to two of the biggest bio-medical companies in the world, Roche and Life Technologies, which are using it to develop treatments for major illnesses like Alzheimer disease and cancer.

At the moment geneOnyx is only available at a London beauty salon, The Organic Pharmacy in King's Road, and is currently priced at £295. The results are provided in just 30 minutes and everything is needed is a saliva sample, taken through a swab. The sample is then applied to a microchip inserted in a USB, which identify mutations of the gene that is associated with collagen breakdown, and consequently with skin ageing.

The test might sound a bit pricey, but it is much more accurate then the standard skin tests provided by major beauty centres. The results determine the best active ingredients contained in beauty products and will then be used to build a personalised plan that perfectly match your skin requirements. We can say that the time of spending a fortune on unsuitable and unnecessary skin products is finally over!

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