Lola Rose Duffy - single or double strands of luxury!

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Lola Rose Duffy necklaces are made of semi precious stones and features beading and flower details.  They come in a Lola Rose branded pouch and have a loop fastening.

If you search online for Lola Rose products, you will find that they have a very wide variety of prices and ebay is always a good starting point to give you an idea of what you can expect to pay. Currently there is a Lola Rose Duffy necklace for sale in a beautiful teal quartzite with a starting price of £62.99 plus an additional postage fee of £5.99. The length of the necklace is a generous 114 cm, which means that it can be worn as a single strand necklace or doubled over for a looped effect, and it comes with the protective pouch and with a little romance card which makes it an ideal present for someone special.

While this may seem expensive to you, especially as its coming from eBay, it make be worth looking at Amazon.co.uk and seeing that the Lola Rose Berry quartz necklace, which is extremely similar in design to the Duffy model, is retailing at an eye popping £125!

There's also a rose pink quartzite Duffy necklace on eBay with a lower starting price of only £49 plus postage of £3.50 for standard delivery. This item also comes with the branded pouch and card but as Lola Rose is currently such a desirable brand, it's always wise to keep checking the listings and getting your bids in early. Happy shopping!


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