Do you just love a Lola Rose candle?

  • picnik

We just love Lola Rose designs. The jewellery is what the brand is famous for, but there are now more accessories that are available to buy including the Lola Rose candle.

Candles that are more fancy than a standard tea light or church candle have been popular as home accessories for many years now. Scented, coloured and containing rose petals are all ways in which the humble candle has become a way of presenting a well cared for home. Fashion houses, and perfume houses in particular have led the trend for highly priced luxury candles with unusual scents and which are designed to ooze class. Jo Malone is one extremely well known brand of luxury candle and is well loved by celebrities and aspiring types worldwide.

Lola Rose have now jumped onto the bandwagon and the Lola Rose soya candle is finding huge popularity. The candle is classy and simple in appearance, being white in colour and presented in a straight sided square glass holder. It is made from renewable soy and is environmentally friendly due to the lack of carcinogens emitted as it burns. The makers state that it has a soft and romantic fragrance with notes of orchid, vanilla, violets and white musk  with top notes of lilies which add a sparkle to the fragrance.

The Lola Rose candle is available from the Lola Rose website for £55 and also comes with a pretty mat to stand the holder on  since of course it will get hot once the candle is lit. You can also find Lola Rose candles for sale via Amazon and eBay and in shops which stock Lola Rose merchandise.

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