Lola Rose baby faceted heart necklace in blue sandstone - the search is on!

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Lola Rose baby faceted heart necklace in blue sandstone is an elusive item of jewellery! it's so elusive that while Amazon do have the picture on display, it's out of stock and they are unsure as to when it will next be available!

Lola Rose jewellery is enjoying a surge in popularity as the range becomes more known. The statement pieces and signature items, like the beautiful tumble bracelets, have all pushed the brand to the forefront of fshion and with this kind of desirability comes an exclusivity which means some of the range will be next to impossible to locate!

Smarterdeal.co.uk has located an eBay seller that is selling a Lola Rose necklace featuring blue sandstone and this has a bargain starting price of only £25 and an additional £2 for postage! Lola Rose products do come up regularly on eBay but make sure that you're buying from a trusted seller and that they accept payment by Paypal! Another chain available from eBay is the very recession friendly 48cm blue sandstone necklace which some lucky shopper will be paying only £14.99 for along with a postage charge of £3.95! This really is a very good deal for those who get their bids in quickly!

Also on this site is a link to the Lola Rose Joy necklace in blue sandstone which will be dispatched by Amazon.co.uk and comes in the distinctive Lola Rose branded pouch. This has a retail price of £61 and is delievered free within the United Kingdom.

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