Live snails - the latest trend in facials

There are a lot of bizarre beauty treatments that the cosmetic industry and spas are offering these past few years in order to help women and men who are willing to do anything to stop the ageing process.

There have been treatments using snake venom, bee mucus, bull semen, nightingale droppings (purified) for facials, even a massage that uses live and slithering snakes to relieve aches and pains.

The latest skin care fad comes from the far East which is said to boost youthful looking skin is the snail facial.

Snail slime has been used in the past - from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages - as medicines to help gastrointestinal ulcers, and soothe coughs, and in the past few years the use of snail slime has seen a huge surge in popularity amongst consumers looking for the latest rejuvenation ‘miracle’.

Several cosmetic companies,started producing creams, serums and even facial masks containing snail slime, especially after some snail farmers in Chile noticed that by handling them, their skin healed very quickly and without leaving any scars.

The external body secretions of snails, mucus, which we all call slime, contains proteins, antioxidants and hyaluronic acid and this is nature’s way of protecting snails from cuts, bacteria, and powerful UV rays, but apparently it also very therapeutic for human skin as it helps acne, scars, wrinkles, pigmentation and overall healing.

The snail facial treatment has been launched in Japan by the Ci:z.Labo beauty spa - but we’ve read that a beauty salon in Russia has already being using this method for the past year.

And here comes the interesting part, the snail facial doesn’t involve rubbing in a highly concentrated cream, but putting live snails directly on your skin and allowing them to move around, while they trail around their magic and potent secretions.

The snails in Celebrity Escargot Course, as the 60 minute treatment is called, are not picked out of any old garden when a willing client comes along, but are raised on an organic farm and fed only organic vegetables so they are healthy and clean.

If you can get past the ick factor and the fear of creepy crawlies, the treatment costs £161.

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