Liposuction Abroad: Reviews and Prices

Reseaching and deciding whether or not to go ahead with this surgery takes quite a bit of time and patience. To assist you in this process here is some inforation on various liposuction abroad reviews and prices. Keep in mind this is a very general overview. Make sure to do extensive research on this surgery before rushing to make an appointment.

Countries and Prices

There are so many places to read liposuction abroad reviews and prices, but here is a more condensed version to assist your research and decision making process.

Prices will vary depending on gender, size and number of areas being treated, type of technique that is used, surgeons fee, anesthesiologist flat fee, and facility fee. Because of some of the flat fees, many places offer package deals if you want to get more areas done.

Popular places to get liposuction are on the abdomen, inner thighs, outer thighs, inner knees, back, upper arms, and other places. Each of these are identified as separate areas and would be charged as such.

In North America, the national average for 1 area is £2,400 and for 4 areas, £6000. In contrast, Bangkok, Thailand prices are around £970 for 1 area and then can go down to £300 per additional area. Belarus seems to be one of the cheapest places to get this surgery done with an average of £400 for 1 area. £2000 less than it is in North America.

If travelling abroad though, make sure to factor in flights, hotels, living expenses, and other travel expenses that may come up. Most places will want you there a few days before and after the surgery. One also needs to think about what they will do if there are any complications after the surgery.

I would encourage you though to first try exercising and changing your diet before booking a surgery. If gyms do not sound appealing, start simple by walking and jump roping a few minutes each day. Financially this is a much cheaper option, and it is much more sustainable.


Hopefully these liposuction abroad reviews and prices were beneficial. Continue researching this topic online, but if possible try and talk to people that have had this done and visit your local doctor to get his/her opinion. This is your body and is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

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