Lily's gone blonde

Lily Allen's a blompkin. She's been out and about sporting her new blonde locks in London town - and we reckon she might just have pulled the notoriously difficult to master hair stunt off.

Only very bold fashionistas make the leap from the dark side to honey tresses and live to tell the tale. And the fact that Lily's gone for a full on helmet of blonde locks and not just some cowardly highlights means she's a fearless pro.

Who could forget how badly wrong it all went when Amy Winehouse had a crack at the dye bottle.....Although had she blitzed the brows aswell it might have helped!

Anyway who can tell if Lily'll be having more fun with her new golden hues or whether life for Allen will carry on much the same as before. Although judging by her wilb tickling antics with Paddy McGuinness recently, she had a pretty good time even when she was a brunette!

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