Light brown hair fashion tips

Fashion is all about feeling comfortable and looking great. But before you've even got as far as hitting the boutiques or browsing through catalogues, there's a far more obvious place to focus on your wardrobe planning. Your hair colour! Here are some light brown hair fashion tips what you should be considering for mixing and matching.

What you should know about fashion and light brown hair

Where to start

Hair colour is one of the key elements of an overall style. While everyone will always have individual tastes – and at the end of the day there is no actual rule book to comply with – but certain fashion decisions are down to what items complement each other; and which certainly don’t.

So whether you have naturally light brown hair, or are considering changing to a light brown look with hair dye, the first place to go is not your current wardrobe, and not the High Street. It’s simpler than that. Check out your bedroom mirror.

Shades of light brown

Light brown is a fairly catch-all category. You need to decide if your hair is verging on dark blonde, or heading towards brunette? Do you have highlights? At this stage it is important not to wear make-up – approach your appraisal like an artist does a blank canvas.

Eyes and skin

Some outfits will really enhance brown eyes; others blue. If you have brown eyes with a golden cast, then this opens the door to further possibilities. Skin colour is another attribute to be taken into consideration, as light brown hair and pale skin leads to subtly different choices than light brown hair and dark skin.

What to match with

For light brown hair highlighted with auburn, the ideal outfits to consider would contain earthy tones. Rustic brown or yellowy-green shades would be perfect, as well as orange or peach colours. Avoid navy blue or grey, as the overall image will be somewhat dull. Black would be suitable for skirts, but keep ‘autumnal’ for above the waist!

If your light brown hair is verging towards golden brown, a suitable colour range would include tans, beige or ivory. Luscious blues and greys would also complement your hair, but not black or deep red. If your light brown hair is nearer brunette, you’ll want to consider bolder primary colours. You’ll also look striking in monochrome.

What to do next

Once you are comfortable with the overall shade of your light brown hair in terms of light/dark, highlighted/not, and so on, head to the shops! Go straight for the colours that you know will best suit you and don't waist time with outfits that won't work well. Always step out the dressing room to try and see your choice in as natural a light as possible. Ask a friend or sales assistant for their opinion.

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