Let the sales begin...

Tis the season to go sales mad. Will you be camping outside Harrods, or in a caravan getting a parking ticket outside Harvey Nicks?

Every year the UK goes crazy for seasonal bargains and best buys, lamenting price drops and snapping up the best offers around. This year, despite the tightening credit crunch, should prove to follow a similar trend.

Here's a quick guide to surviving the retail jungle:

1) Take water and food with you. This way, you'll not pass out and you won't need to stop for lunch.

2) Wear comfortable footwear. Heels are a no brainer. Go in combat boots or trainers and make sure you out walk all the lunching ladies.

3) Consider body armour. Elbows and sharp objects are useful when battling with like minded sales shoppers, so being carefully armed with body protection should prove advantageous.

4) Make a list of what you want and don't stray from your goals. Focus.

5) Shop online and don't bother at all.

Good luck with the crush - we want to know what bargains you've garnered in January!

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