Leonardo Di Caprio to produce Manga film

Leonardo Di Caprio is set to produce a live action remake of classic Manga cartoon Akira. Newly bearded Leonardo, now an actor of 'depth' and 'distinction' will carve the project into a two part epic, and has offered the directorial cap to first time feature length film maker and Irishman Rauri Robinson.

In its maiden voyage back in 88' 'Akira' employed cutting edge animation and mature themes to gain recognition in Japan. Cut to 2008 and Leo will be swapping "Neo-Tokyo" for "New Manattan" in the doomsday epic which centres around a city being rebuilt after mysterious mass destruction. I Am Legend, Cloverfield and now Akira...the end of the world as we know it - is back in Vogue.

Looks like Mr Di Caprio's cashing in on the 'Clooney Way'. Smooth. Intriguing. Anti establishment (think Good Night Goodluck and Syriana). And almost guaranteed critical success. (Who cares about box office anyway!)

Still no word on the cast list, but if Leo notches more sales than Titanic, Gorgeous George may get a run for his money in the thinking man stakes.

Check out Leonardo in his prime.

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