Lancôme special edition makeup collection by Alber Elbaz

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Alber Elbaz is the beating heart behind Lanvin and the renowned designer has teamed up for the first time with Lancôme, the French cosmetic company, to create a limited edition makeup collection, that celebrates the love of fashion and makeup in a new and exciting way.

“Eyes are the new fashion accessory. People are obsessed with eye makeup. It's the most complicated, and it's the one thing that really can transform you the most,” said Elbaz.

The new special edition collection is based on several of Lancome’s best selling cosmetic lines, instead of going for a completely new collection.

The real theme running through the collection is eyes,” Alber said, “and roundness forms. The bottles are so fabulously rounded that they were my inspiration. I wanted to create rounded shapes with a hint of humor.”

There are four different mascaras to choose from:

Hypnôse Doll Eyes: a mascara that extends and lifts the lashes for a wide eyed look, doll eyes effect, and Elbaz has designed this mascara tube with cute little red, black and white hearts.

Hypnôse Star: volume and curled lashes and double-sided brush and this mascara tube features bright blue stars, a take on its name.

Hypnôse Drama: this mascara has a high volume effect and give thicker and curvy looking lashes, and the container is dressed with flamenco-style bright pink polka dots.

Hypnôse Définicils: this mascara delivers six times more volume with 1,000 sensor bristles brush and Elbaz rightly decided to scatter the tube with eyes.

All four mascaras are available only in black.

The Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz also features five color eye shadow palettes for the Star, Drama and Doll Eyes line, and also three single eye shadows, one sparkling shadow for Star and an iridescent for Doll Eyes and a pearly onefor Drama Eyes, and the covers are illustrated with the same designs as the mascaras.

To complete the collection there are also flirty false lashes that are showcased in an illustrated case.

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