Lamborghini's latest offering: the Gallardo Superleggera

Sending shivers down the spines of the motoring world and car lovers alike, Lamborghini launched its latest model earlier this year, and the Independent has test driven it for us this weekend so we can decide whether or not to include it on our Christmas wish lists.

The Gallardo Superleggera (translation: superlight) cruises in at a cool £145,000, but for your money you'll be the proud owner of top speeds of 197mph. You'll also be first off the lights every time as the sleek newcomer will do 0-60 in just 3.6 seconds.

No mention of a car would be complete without a quick check to see what motoring God Clarkson had to say and we weren't disappointed. Apparently it "emits a wonderful howl that is amplified by a modified exhaust system and will stay with you long after you have switched the ignition off."

Suffice to say he was impressed: "the Superleggera, by all conventional measures, is a staggeringly good car, and most buyers at this end of the market won’t give two hoots about marketing strategies. They just want to know how it goes, how it looks and whether their neighbour will have one."

Quite. We've added one to StyledLife's wish list, seeing as the neighbours don't yet have one sparkling on their driveway. If you want to see more, have a look at the car design here.

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