Where to find ladies tweed jacket without elbow patches in the UK

From speaking to our readers we have noticed a dramatic increase in the number ladies out there looking for tweed jackets, specifically ones without gaudy elbow patches. It definitely seems that the weed look is back in, and the good news is that it's more affordable than ever thanks to the wonder of online shopping.

But despite this, it seems that many women are having problems finding a nice ladies tweed jacket without elbow patches both online and in the high street. This common problem is something that we're looking to rectify with our recommendations of the best places online from which to buy classy ladies tweed jackets without elbow patches.

Brace of Harrogate, located at 16 Montpellier Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire have got a stunning range of tweed jackets that just exude class and style. You can check out their website at www.braceofharrogate.co.uk to buy over the net, or just to check out their beautiful collection.

Their prices certainly aren't what we could call cheap, but then again neither are their jackets. These classy cuts show off your curves in all the right places while retaining a debonair look of sophistication and aristocratic flair.

For more wallet friendly prices you can check out the fantastic Maquien Design of South Cave in North Humberside. While they don't have the same level of variety as Brace, they do offer much more affordable solutions via their website at www.maquiendesign.co.uk and they should have something there to fit your tastes. Keep your eye out for special offers on their site, because they often have some great savings cropping up, such as the Ellie Tweed Hacking Jacket which is currently on offer for just £179, down from the RRP of £299.

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