Up your game with a Dubarry ladies Harris tweed jacket

If you're looking for something a little different this summer season, how about considering a ladies Harris tweed jacket from the Dubarry line? It'll certainly give you a unique look, and you'll be sure to stand out from the crowd thanks to the traditionally flattering Dubarry shape.

With a choice of two different tweeds, Connacht Meadow and Connemara Smoke, you'll be able to pick exactly the right style for you with the Heath Ladies Classic Length Tweed Blazer, product code 4119, from the official Dubarry website located at www.dubarryboots.com.

It features a stunningly slick cut that's bound to accentuate your figure, as well as a top quality black belt and the ever innovative convertible collar that is becoming more and more popular in the Dubarry line of jackets.

With tweed woven from only the best materials in Scotland, the whole jacket has received a Teflon coating to ensure that you'll be ready and able to do battle with the elements with confidence.

The inside lining makes the jacket stand out even further thanks to its famous Dubarry jacquard lining which comes in a contracting colour to the tweed type you choose on purchase, while the sleeve lining is the bespoke classic Dubarry style to add even more flavour to the overall feel of the jacket.

The buttons are typical Dubarry horn buttons, which are still as reliable as ever, and are securely fastened so as to prevent unwanted button loss at the more inconvenient of times.

Available for just £399, this jacket comes in sizes EU34 right through to EU44, so don't miss out on a real bargain this summer from Dubarry.

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