La Dolce Striker

Mmm, thank you Dolce and Gabanna, just what we need to enliven a dull day in the office. Those kindly men at Dolce and Gabanna have persuaded five strapping Italian footballers to front their new campaign, just in time for the World Cup. The collection, in homage to D&G's national team comprises underwear and gymwear, emblazened with 'calcio' and 'Italia'. Not so subtle, but then, who needs subtlety when you've got oiled up hunks in tiny pants?

For those who have suddenly developed an instant interest in Italian football, the players are Juventus's Claudio Marchisio and Vincenzo Iaquinta, Udinese's Antonio Di Natale,Cagliari's Federico Marchetti, and Genoa's Domenico Criscito.

We know who we'll be cheering on come the World Cup. Sorry, Rooney et al...

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