Kristen Stewart's shaved head tattoo dream

Kristen Stewart has recently revealed to the site Into The Gloss more about her beauty and fashion ideas, and some of them plainly head in the punk-rock direction. However, the 23-year-old Twilight's actress feels that, because of her career, she has to hold it down, always presenting herself in a cute, approvable way. So let's take a look at K-Stew latest revelations:

Robert Pattinson's ex girlfriend has always been a free spirit, often misunderstood and generally leading a complex life. She told Into The Gloss about being a tomboy when she was younger, and how still now she doesn't pay too much attention about beauty products and routines. In an earlier interview with German magazine NSMBL she revealed how keeping healthy is the key to staying beautiful: “Get exercise, eat well and every once in a while some green juice for an energy boost,” she told the world.

About her natural look she added: “I don’t really use a lot of make-up; at most I use a tinted moisturiser because it’s better for your skin than a foundation," and added that "a good moisturiser is very important, I love Dermalogica and Dr. Hauscka – and I also use Proactiv."

But it's the revelations about her hair that leave us most intrigued....

First, we found out from the NSMBL interview how much she loves dry shampoo and hair powder, which apparently add volume to her hair: “It’s not good to wash your hair frequently,” she said, “It’s actually just important to stay healthy”, as we have seen


Then, in her latest interview with Into The Gloss, K-Stew admitted that, if only she could, she would shave her head completely and get a nice big tattoo there, while at it:

"If I wasn't an actor,” she told the journalist, “I would definitely do things to my hair. At some point I want to do a total boy cut, completely — not a pretty, girly version — like a straight up James Dean haircut. And then,” she added quite surprisingly, “I'm definitely going to shave my head before I die. I will definitely tattoo my head while it's shaved before my hair grows back. I'm not sure which part, probably the bottom quadrant in the back. I don't know what the tattoo would be, yet. Still thinking."

Wow, that got us thinking too. Go on Kristen, do it!

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