K-Midds: face of the high-street

Kate Middleton has long been known for her down-to-earth personality, and unpretentious high-street shopping ways; before her marriage Kate and Wills were constantly spotted purchasing pizza in Tesco's, and the newly minted Duchess is clearly more comfortable in Reiss than Prada. And this week we've discovered that K-Midds loves nothing more than slathering cheapo moisturiser on her face. Kate was spotted in Boots on the King's Road, purchasing Nivea Visage Pure, £3.36 and Nivea Natural Moisturising Day Cream, £5.10.

A shocked shop-assistant told Grazia magazine, 'Kate looked like an ordinary shopper as she went up to the counter to buy her cream. She was friendly and chatty as she paid her £5.10. It was only when I took a second glance that I realised who she was.'

A spokeswoman for Boots hopped on the PR bandwagon, saying, 'We are delighted that the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, chose Boots for her skincare needs. As with all our customers, we hope she had a great customer experience and that she continues to visit Boots as part of her high street shopping experience.'

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