Kindle sizes compared

With various Kindle sizes on the market which one should you buy?  Well the answer to that question really depends on what kind of reader you are.  By now everyone knows about the amazing wireless reader that is the Kindle.  With the new third generation Kindle available there are many changes, some of which will really impress you.

The Kindle now measures at just 1/3 of an inch making it no thicker than a magazine and it is also lighter than ever.  Both versions can hold up to 3500 books and documents and you can read for up to a month without recharging.  Every Kindle now comes with built in wi-fi which enables you to read newspapers before they hit the shelves as well as PDFs and free classic books.  Kindle owners can also access Facebook and hundreds of blogs.

When it comes to Kindle sizes then you have 2 options.  The Kindle Wi-Fi and the Kindle 3G + Wi-Fi both boast a 6-inch display size.  These Kindles can last up to a month (with the wi-fi switched off) before you have to recharge.  This Kindle will suit the average user that does not read much graphic-rich content.

Option 2 is the Kindle DX which has an amazing 9.7 inch display meaning that the DX has a display which is two and a half times larger than the Kindle.  The DX's screen is ideal for reading a broad range of content, especially newspapers and graphic-rich books.  The Kindle DX also boasts a built in PDF reader and an auto rotating screen meaning you can switch from viewing upright to full-width landscape simply by turning your Kindle.

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