Kim kashes in

Kim Kardishian is certainly a canny lady with an eye, or two, for an opportunity. Kim is getting married this month, and to commemorate this special occasion - America's Royal Wedding - she's launching a wedding perfume, so that mere mortals can share in her joy, and give her £30 for the marital fund. As we said, canny...

Kim told The Daily Mail, 'I thought it would be fun to create a special fragrance that represents this special time in my life! I’ve had such a positive response to my previous two fragrances and this one means so much to me because of what it stands for - the enduring beauty of building a life with your other half and watching your love grow, each and every day.'

She continued, 'I collect fragrances so when I smell one that I haven't worn in years it'll bring me right back to that time. This will remind me of success, working really hard and also my sisters.' And the smell of filthy lucre? *green-eyed monster face*

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