Kiko make-up, buy online

Kiko, an Italian brand, sells the most fascinating line of make-up from eye shadow and foundation to lipstick and nail lacquer. Filled with vivid colours apt for the warmer months, the hues are attractive and striking. Even winter blues come to life with the wonderful line of accents and colours.

There are two great things going for Kiko: the vast range of offerings and affordable prices. A tube of nail polish can cost as little as £2.50.

One example of the Kiko lineup is their New Summer Collection in Special Edition. Scented body mists, bronzer, sun bronzing blush, nail polish, foundation, and a liquid colour eyeshadow are all you need to embrace summer and the coming seasons. And, if those aren't enough to entice you, there’s a whole range of skincare products and accessories that will help you part with your cash.

Founded in 1997 by the Percassi Group, Kiko is a relatively young company. Despite this, it has made waves in the fashion industry with their wide range of cosmetics, skin care, and accessories at inexpensive prices.

Kiko’s main attraction is that you can experiment with a lot of colours and different types of make up as there are more than a thousand products in-store or online. Hence, experimenting with various colours is a lot of fun, revealing various looks and styles that you can use based on your preferences, skin type, and make-up techniques.

For cosmetic aficionados, shopping in-store is a dream as there are more than a thousand products in stock in different shades of colours. 270 flagship stores are located all over Europe in countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, the UK, and of course, Italy.

However, if you are in areas where there is no store or franchise for Kiko make-up, buy them online. It won't be the same as the frenzy of shopping in-store or testing various make-up, but at least, you can get your hands on Kiko products. Delivery is secure and who knows, you might even get a free gift if you spend too much.

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