KIKO long lasting eye shadow review

KIKO long lasting eye shadow is an Italian brand, available for KIKO stores in the UK or, if there isn't a store near you, via their website.

The advantages of KIKO long lasting eye shadow is that they come in a range of pallete colours and as a colour sphereand long lasting eyeshadow stick. Whichever type of KIKO eyeshadow you buy depends on whether you prefer to apply eye shadow with your own brush or prefer a clean shade eye shadow stick.

KIKO Long Lasting Eye Shadow Stick

The KIKOlong lasting eye shadow stick is similar to the Mac make up brand of eye shadow sticks. Kiko's product is available at an average retail price of £6.90, in a variety of shades.

As well as being easy to apply, KIKO's eye shadow stick is creamy, well pigmented and smooth when applied. For a price of £6.90 they're good value for money and do exactly what they say on the label: last long. Other products from different brands, such as Topshop's crayon eye shadow and Mac's own brand of eye shadow stick, are considered to be below par to KIKO long last eye shadow products.

KIKO Long Lasting Eye Shadow Sphere

If you prefer to apply your eye shadow with a brush rather than eye shadow sticks, the sphere product is just for you. Available in the same range as the eye shadow stick, KIKO offers a baked powder product with a sparkling effect for an extra intense look. The advantage of the sphere version of the product is that the eye shadow can be applied wet, helping it last even longer and produce more dynamic eye make up. At £5.90, the KIKO long lasting eye shadow sphere is also great value for money.

To view the full range of products from Kiko, you can visit their website at kikocosmetics.com.

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