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KIKO MILANO is a leading Italian brand that offers safe and effective cosmetics, make-up and skin care products of quality at affordable prices. The brand was founded in 1997 and has recently expanded to the rest of Europe, where you can find its welcoming, colourful store in the big shopping centre or enjoy the practicality of buying online. We had a look at some of KIKO cosmetics best products, according to sale stats and customers reviews.

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Soft Focus Compact Wet & Dry Mineral Foundation

A compact mineral foundation specifically formulated for normal to oily skin and designed to to last up to 10 hours. Its smooth texture allows for all kind of applications and ensure a soft focus effect, providing brightness to complexion and minimizing blemishes. Its practical packaging with mirror and sponge included makes Soft Focus Compact Wet & Dry Mineral Foundation perfect to carry in your bag for touch-ups. Available in a smashing range of 14 tones.

Mat Fluid

Mat fluid is moisturizing fluid with a ultra-matifying effect, non comedogenic and paraben free for combination and oily skins. Thanks to it innovative mix of hi-tech ingredients, Mat Fluid blends into the skin, visibly reducing shine and blemishes for an even complexion. Furthermore, it has an astringent effect and fights deceleration of the skin’s functions, ensuring moisture and comfort. This smooth, revitalizing fluid is perfect as a base for your make up, making it last longer.

Velvet Mat - Satin Lipstick

This is a mat satin lipstick, with a glamorous and chic colour range to choose from. "Weightless" texture that unveils unexpected moisturizing and soothing qualities in an opaque and infinitely velvety finish.Its impeccable high pigmentation colour ensure high coverage effect. The high-tech, plant based Velvet Mat formula works on 3 different levels: keeps the moisture level of the lips ideal, increasing fullness; reactivates cellular vitality for strong healthy look; improves cellular longevity for younger looking lips.

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