Katie Price fan takes out student loans to help pay for boob job with no intention of repaying it

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When Catherine Byrne was 22, she wanted nothing more to enhance her breasts. This Katie Price fan went through some extreme measures to get this and many other beauty enhancements done.

She applied to the University of East London stating she wanted to study psychology, but with no intention of actually studying at all. To her surprise, she was accepted and quickly applied for a government loan worth £7000 which was intended to cover part of tuition, rent and books.

Instead, Ms. Byrne attended school for 2 weeks and then got breast enhancement surgery which changed her from a B-cup to a D-cup. £3,600 of the loan went towards the surgery and the rest went towards Botox to help her get the 'frozen' look she has always wanted and collagen for her lips to make them look plumper.

She unsurprisingly failed first year at university but then explained to her tutor that she was 'overwhelmed'. Her tutor believed her and allowed her to 'resit' classes the second year which allowed Ms. Byrne to apply for a second grant also worth £7,000.

Ms. Byrne did not attend class at all that year but used the money to change to an H-cup, buy new clothes, a new car and other cosmetic procedures. Now at the age of 29 Ms. Byrne told the Sun, "My boob job has done more for my career than any degree could." She continues to believe that it is "better to invest in my body instead of my brain" and is still proud of her decision.

Because she was enrolled before the student finance system was changed in 2012, she may never have to pay off the loans. The loans she took out will be written off after 25 years if she remains under the pay threshold which is £17,335, which she stated she plans to remain under with her part-time modeling.

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