The Katie Piper story: acid attack

Katie Piper, is an Englishwoman who survived an acid attack that left her disfigured. She was a former model and television presenter. Following the horrible attack, surgeons worked on her face rebuilding it using skin substitution and skin graft. The Katie Piper story on the acid attack is a source of inspiration for victims showing there can still be life after such an awful incident.

The story

The Katie Piper story on the acid attack was carried out on the former model by a possessive boyfriend and his accomplice. Piper used to work as a model and also as an actress starring in a reality show.

  • The assault

Katie Piper met Daniel Lynch through Facebook chatting and exchanging emails. Up until that time, the two began dating for 2 weeks. Unfortunately, David had a temper and was always short fused blowing up at the slightest provocation or for no reason at all. Katie was getting uncomfortable with this behaviour and planned on breaking up the relationship. While the two checked in at the hotel, Lynch forced himself on her and threatened to harm her friends and family if she reported the incident. Fearing for her safety and her family’s she kept silent, but eventually confided in her flatmates.

The attack took place in North London two days after the rape incident. While walking, she crossed a man with a hoodie carrying what she thought would be a cup of coffee. As they crossed paths, she thought the man needed money and reached out for some pocket change in her purse. That’s when the man (later identified as Stefan Sylvestre) threw the contents of the cup. It was high grade industrial sulphuric acid. Katie’s face was disfigured, the acid flowing down her face and neck. She was also blinded in one eye by the attack.

  • Reconstruction

Following the assault, surgeons worked on her face in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital. The doctors removed the skin on her face then rebuilt it using skin substitution and grafting techniques. 'Ex-vivo limbal stem cell allograft transplantation (EVSCALT)' was also performed on Piper to bring her vision back.

Philanthropic acts

Following the Katie Piper story and acid attack, the former model set up a charitable organisation to help fellow victims of acid attacks. Simon Cowell of the reality show is also a supporter of this charitable organisation. In addition, Piper authored several books on her life events. At best, Piper is an inspiration for others choosing to give up her anonymity in 2009 to raise awareness of 'burn victims.'

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