Kate's heir-do

It’s been a few days since we heard any speculation about what Kate Middleton might wear on the big day, or what her hair might look like or how many sips of champagne she might have or what she might say at any given moment. And frankly we’ve been having withdrawals, so it’s with a sigh of relief that we can divulge some more wild guesses, via the Daily Mail.

The Mail has ‘exclusively’ revealed that Kate will wear her hair down on the big day. Given Kate’s recent penchant for wearing her hair half-up, half-down, speculation was rife about what style she would chose on April 29th. But Kate’s hairdresser Richard Ward has confirmed her hair will be ‘100 per cent be down and flowy.' PHEW.

Meanwhile another drama is unfolding in beauty-land as rumours have reached Grazia that Kate may decide to do her own make up on the day. Cue hysterical shrieks and the sound of wailing beauty editors throwing themselves to the floor in despair. Kate’s make up look is sleek and natural, but those wedding-day nerves could seriously affect her ability to hold an eyeliner still – is she sure this is a good idea?

Kate, we admire your frugality but we really don’t want our future queen to emerge from her carriage looking like Marilyn Manson. Hire a make up artist, love.

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