Kate's dress goes on display at Buck Palace

Kate Middleton's Grace Kelly-inspired wedding dress has already become iconic, so we imagine thousands of fashion fans and royalists will be clamouring at the gates of Buckingham Palace, when the lace creation goes on display tomorrow. Alongside the dress, visitors will also get the chance to view the hand-stitched lace shoes, replica bridal bouquet and eight-tiered wedding cake.

According to the BBC, in a documentary made to accompany the exhibition, designer Sarah Burton explains the inspiration behind the dress,'There were a lot of references to Victorian corsetry, the padded hip, the tiny cinched-in waist, and also to the arts and crafts movement with all of the hand-work on the lace of the dress and also the bustle inside to create the shape of the back of the dress. It has an essence of Victorian but we cut the dress in a very modern way. It is in a very light fabric. Also the pleats and the folds create a modern feel rather than a historical piece. I think what we wanted to achieve was something that was incredibly beautiful and intricately worked.'

The dress will be on show at Buckingham Palace for the next ten weeks, with tickets costing £17.50.

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