Kate's Canadian fashion statement

Kate kicked off the Canadian royal tour with aplomb yesterday, managing to tip a nod to British and canadian designers, and turning us all green with envy at the sight of next season's Erdem, Mulberry and Issa. According to reports, designers have been falling over themselves to lend K-Midds outfits for the tour.

A source told The Daily Mail 'She may well borrow clothes instead of buying to cut the costs of the tour. She’s planning on wearing one outfit a day unless she has an evening event.'

Kate and her advisers chose cleverly with Erdem; although the designer lives in Britain, he was born in Canada. Erdem is a huge favourite with the fashion crowd, as well as first ladies; Michelle Obama, Sam Cam and Sarah Brown have all sported his togs, which sell for upwards of £1500. Lucky Kate wore a dress from the 2012 resort collection, which is unavailable to mere mortals, so it's likely that she was given a sample.

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