Kate the bridezilla

Kate Moss seems the least likely lady on earth-land to become obsessed with her wedding; after all she's louche, laid-back and drunk most of the time (possibly). But the supermodel admitted that planning her own nuptuals drove her to the brink of bridezilla-dom. In an interview with American Vogue, who covered the wedding, and took some beautiful snaps, Kate opened up about organising the big day. The supermodel took a very hands-on approach, insisting on creating the theme, entertainment, and even helping Galliano to design her wedding dress and bridesmaid's outfits. Now, that's dedication...

Speaking to Vogue, Kate said, 'I did not understand the Bridezilla show, but now I do! I've had big birthday parties, I was like yeah, let's do a big wedding. Oh my god! You wake up thinking about ballet shoes for girls, is the satin right is the ribbon right? When I put the dress on, I'm really happy, I forget about everything. It all goes away. Oh, to get married... It's the most gorgeous thing. I wanted the it to be dreamy and soft-focused. It's rock and roll Great Gatsby.'

Kate and her beau Jamie Hince married last month in a ceremony in the Cotswolds, followed by a honeymoon on the French riviera. Kate's famous friends lent their photogenic offspring to bridesmaid for Moss, and the ceremony was attended by a veritable Who's Who of fashion, rock and roll, and the media world. Oh, and that annoying hairdresser dude, James Brown, turned up too.

Watch Kate talk about her wedding, and the stress of organising the bash below:

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